Every day the team at Arnie’s sets out to deliver on the promise Uncle Arnie lives by: Create memorable cannabis products at accessible prices – all while keeping things fun.

Our team is made up of legacy cannabis experts who saw the market lacking products high in quality, price-accessibility and strong enough to get people lifted.

We envisioned the uncle who always had something fun up his sleeve. One who cares about his friends, enjoys good times, and helping people elevate their vibe when needed.

So we created the iconic 100mg Iced Tea Lemonade. After nearly a year as the best-selling cannabis beverage in California, Uncle Arnie is spreading his wings and adding more flavors and products to the brand. Arnie will be delivering more iconic beverage flavors and cannabis edibles to a dispensary near you.

Join Arnie on a trip worth taking.

Arnie knows a few things about THC technology – and he’s brought it to all his creations. When producing cannabis oils, Arnie uses a process called sonication, agitating the oil and breaking it down THC into smaller particles. The result? Your body can absorb Arnie’s THC in a fraction of the time, experiencing a smoother, better high.

Uncle Arnie - Astronaut

All aboard Uncle Arnie’s magic bus

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